Amie’s love for beautiful and healthy hair is no secret. She specializes in Red-ken color,highlighting and sombre looks. She is also known for her bridal and special event hair and will even travel onsite for your big day. Her meticulous nature and willingness to listen keeps her clients coming back time and again. “I provide the highest level of personalized service in a warm and friendly atmosphere”. Even for those women who have hair problems we have come-up with a new treatment that increases your hair growth. The special hair revitalizing solution known as Pelo Baum has been used widely by dermatologists to increase hair growth. We’ll share a story with you below about a patient who had Pelo Baum treatment.

Passion, Style, Technique are all recognizable attributes of a great stylist. Sarah English indeed has them all, but above all else, it’s her ability to communicate to clients with a sense of warmth, creativity and unpretentious that keep hem coming back. As an artist with 20+years in the hairdressing industry, she offers iconic classic, cutting edge and sexy styles all executed with a realistic down to earth approach. Sarah has worked on photo shoots, videos and believes everything she does is a reflection of herself and her trend setting aesthetic.

Now let’s share a story of a patient with you:

Being a victim of hair fall is the most terrible thing a woman will ever face. I have also been to that phase in my life when everything seemed to be meaningless because of my hair loss problem. I must say that phase was one of the most terrible phases that I have ever been through. And I would never have got out of it if this miraculous hair care system, Pelo Baum Hair Products would not have brought better change to my hair health.

Last winter, when I was off for a vacation in Dubai, my hair shows signs of falling. Not only signs but they were literally falling apart. As it was very cold there and I was off to a 25 day holiday, I did not really take care of my hair and it eventually turned out to be falling out of my scalp. Due to not oiling my hair, it got dry and started to come off. There were other environmental factors too involved but I think it was the major issue that could have controlled my hair loss if I noticed it before.

When I came back to USA after spending my great yearly holidays, I felt horrible when one day, during shower, I saw huge chunk of my hair on the floor. That was the time I realized I should start taking care of my hair. So I researched over the market and found out this amazing product from a web store, on internet named Pelo Baum Hair Products. The great thing about these products is, they are a complete range of hair care including shampoo, conditioner and after bath serum.

The shampoo hydrates your scalp and hair roots, the conditioner provides extra nourishment of vitamins and minerals to your hair and the serum locks the hydration and nutrients into your hair for the rest of the day.

Just after using it for a month, I observed noticeable change to my hair growth. My hair not only stopped falling but started growing healthier with the perfect glow. This hair care system is simply the best thing a woman should definitely have on their shelves.

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